4′ Lutyen’s Bench, Dark Brown

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Update your outdoor living space with the fun and functional Lutyen's Bench.

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Neighbors thought I bought it at Front Gate!

by scootcha

I waited about 6 months to review, and I am still in love with my Lutyen's bench. This bench is a classic and I dare you to find it anywhere's else at this price, it's not gonna happen! The others maybe longer and made from teak, but your gonna pay $1000 + The manufacturer recommends that the bench be wiped twice with Tung oil. Also, I lost most of the screw covers by moving the bench around, so you may want to glue them on once built.

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4' Luytens's Bench, Dark Brown

by Gelcoguy

The bench was well packaged. It had easy to understand instructions and assembly was also easy. It took only 30 minutes to set up. The wood was sturdy and the stain on it was evenly applied. I would definitely recommend this bench.

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Love it!!!

by Angie

I love the look. . . nice and sturdy. . . reasonably priced.

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Sturdy, stylish and a great price!

by Mimilove

I'd wanted a Luyten bench for my garden for a couple of years. Just to use as an accent piece. I searched and searched but this style bench is usually VERY expensive. When I found this one, I thought it would probably be very cheaply made but decided to try it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. And even though it came in several pieces (with lots of screws!), the directions were easy to follow and I put it together easily within half an hour. It's very sturdy and I believe with care I'll enjoy it for many years. It's made of a type of wood that's similar to eucalyptus that is supposed to weather well. Since we have harsh winters here in Michigan, I will be bringing it inside the garage each fall and I think that will extend its life. It's just what I wanted and looks beautiful out in my garden.

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by Randy

They were easy to put together and were sturdy when finished. Looked good also.

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