Mainstays Retro Metal Glider, Red, Seats 2

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The Mainstays Retro Metal Glider is an ideal piece to put on your patio or front porch. It is made from a durable powder-coated steel frame that will provide you with stability. This outdoor glider is large enough to hold two people, and the seats and back are a beautiful red color.

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Not for the fainthearted

by Bobqat

Overall not a bad little item, attractive and comfortable. I had purchased this one because it was the only one I could find in red. One seat was slightly dented and there were two or three tiny chips in the paint, but nothing at all major. I had read the reviews and was prepared for assembly to be somewhat problematic; rather an understatement. Assembly is easy and straightforward until the time comes to mount the seat assembly on the glider frame (beginning at figure 6 in the instructions.) The problem seems to me to arise from the fact that (a) as noted by others, the center connecting bolts are slightly too short, (b) the entire seat assembly is a centimeter or two too small for the frame, and (c) the holes in the seats through which the bolts fit are very poorly placed. I had better luck attaching the centers first and then the sides, but, however you choose to do it, you will have to fight to get that last bolt through far enough to catch it with the nut. I suggest enlisting help for that step. Overall, as I said, quite an attractive item, and seems plenty sturdy; it's a shame that those few design flaws make it somewhat less than desirable.

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Beautiful-Once you get it put together!

by bwc1953

I love this piece! I bought it to place under a shade tree in our front lawn. That being said, the assembly is trying to say the least! As another reviewer said, I had to go to my local 'Lowes' and get a longer bolt to join the front seats together. Keep in mind during assembly you may need to make a trip! If you follow the instructions step-by-step they are pretty good EXCEPT for the middle bolt joining the seats. I went through this process several times trying different sequences and finally had to make the trip to 'Lowes' just as another reviewer said. is so cute it is very worth it. Reminds me of days by the lake long ago.

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by Bosley

well built, I love it.

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by KikiLouise

This glider is SO CUTE-bought the matching bistro set as well. I love the old school retro metal and this matches the red brick/white trim of my house perfectly. With that being said, this was a giant pain in the rear to assemble. As a single mom to an almost ten year old son, I've been responsible for assembling my fair share of things, from furniture to trampolines to basketball goals, etc. This was not "hard," it was just painstakingly time consuming. With that being said, it's super cute and looks great on my screened in porch. You can't beat the price-I saw a vintage metal chair at an antique shop yesterday for $85 that was in terrible condition, so this glider plus the bistro set was a steal!

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Beautiful, but......

by Cathy

This is a beautiful glider, worth the money, however, we experienced two problems. When the glider arrived, the box was completely open but fortunately nothing was missing. The other problem is that it's hard to assemble. It took three days and a trip to the hardware store to buy longer screws. All said I would buy it again & recommend it.

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